Saturday, June 30, 2007

My Blankie

I have this comforter that my parents got me for my birthday when I turnd 15 or 16. It had kind of a tacky pattern on it and it was a little lightweight, but it worked. A few years ago I got a cover for it from Ikea. The cover adds just enough weight for me to take this blanket seriously, and it's a great pattern (dark blue with polka dots).
I don't think I had ever appreciated just how big this blanket was (queensize, by the way) until last night. Due to visiting relations, I was bumped out of my basement bedroom and onto an air mattress in the living room. My blanket is big enough for me to sleep rolled up in it, with half under me and the other half above. As you are surely aware, sleeping on an air mattress without some sort of insulation below you is not fun. My amazing blankie really can do all. Maybe I should start dragging it behind me and rediscover the joys of thumbsucking, a la Linus from Peanuts. I seem to remember enjoying the taste of my thumb at one time.

Friday, June 29, 2007

The Biker Chick

I was told recently by a friend that since I often have spare time at work (because my co-worker never gives me stuff to do) there is no excuse for my infrequent blogging. I sincerely apologize. I really like blogging, but my life is ridiculously boring (or at least it seems so to me).
I've very much enjoyed riding my bike lately. At my old house I lived about a 20 minute, relatively flat ride away from work, so I rode almost every day. I thought I was pretty hot stuff, riding about 15k every day. I had the required tight pants, sporty windbreaker, and helmet, and honestly, I look good riding a bike. So when I moved back out to the burbs with my parents, I was thinking I was a good biker.
Wrong. The ride from the boonies is like death. There's hills, suicidal lane crossing, and other sundries. I rode to work and back (a grand total of 25k) yesterday, and I seriously considered living in the basement this morning so that I would never have to walk up a flight of stairs ever again. Eventually, I made it up for breakfast.
So here's to toning up those muscles and working my way up to the daily ride again!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The Registrar's Office

I have had a long, emotional relationship with the registrar's office and related administrators at the University of Calgary. Between my 2-week stint as an engineering student, my quick transfer into the Math Sciences department (the only one that would take me two weeks into the semester), my requests for transcripts during my spell as a would-be transfer student to take Pharmacy in Edmonton, the addition of a minor in German and then a switch to the Management minor, my flirtations with the Haskayne School of Business, and my recent application to enter the Honours program in Economics, we have gotten along fairly well. It may take a call or two, but I always end up satisfied in my dealings with the U of C admin people.
While preparing to take a two-year absence from said university, I have become disillusioned with the efficiency and competence of the Registrar.
First I was told that leaving for two years would make me lose all of my credits at the university and I would have to start over again. That worried me tremendously, as you would imagine. I just completed most of my required core subjects this past year.
Then I was told that if I registered in two semesters that were two years apart (ie. Winter '07 and Winter '09, I would keep my student status but would have to reapply into my specific program. That also did not excite me, as my program is somewhat complicated (honours and a minor).
Then I was told that I would not lose all my credits, but would need to reapply if I missed two consectutive years (each year being a Fall and Winter semester). This messed up my plan of taking a summer evening course and then a Spring course when I got back (Summer '07, then Spring '09, and I wouldn't lose my status).
Finally, after using a few cumulative work hours on hold, I determined the truth (according to the Faculty of Social Sciences):
1. The last semester I enroll in before I leave (ex. Winter '07)
2. If I do not enroll in a class before the same semester two years from now (ex. Winter '09) I will have to reapply into the economics program.
3. I will not lose any credits.
4. Interestingly enough, it is the last pertinent semester is the last in which I am enrolled, no the last in which I finish a class. So technically, I can enroll in a class this fall, not finish it, and then when I get back, I will still be registered as an honours Economics student with a minor in Management and Society. No questions asked.
So the question is, is it worth the $400 and a W on my transcript to be able to pick up my schooling where I left of? Uncertain as of yet.

My Teeth Hurt

Earlier this spring, I went to the dentist and got talked into straightening my teeth with the new Invisalign system. Clear plastic trays that straighten my teeth as I wear different trays for a few weeks at a time.
"Great!" I thought. I've always kind of wanted to straighten out a few little things in my nouth, and here was a chance to do it for free, without all the ugly brackets and wires of real braces.
No one ever told me that straightening your teeth really, really hurts. I just started new trays yesterday, and I feel like I'm going to die. It even hurt this morning to chew my oatmeal. That's just wrong.